Thursday, 31 May 2012

Top 5 fashion/grooming tips for all you guys out there!

Here are some Do’s and Dont’s for all you guys!

1.       Shoes, most guys shoes are worn out and shabby looking. Or they don’t even match anything that is in their closet and their mom has been yelling at them to throw them out. LOOSE the worn out shoes and go buy a nice pair of converse, Nike’s, or Jordan’s and take care of them! And get a color that matches most of your clothing items. Like black, grey or white. You don’t want to be wearing bright red shoes with everything else being green. That’s just a wrong. If you like those types of colors maybe wear all black and red shoes or etc.

2.       Facial hair, depending on the girl that your trying to impress that day, week, or month loll see what she likes and trim or grow your facial hair out for her. For those guys that like to keep their facial hair it doesn’t hurt cleaning it up every now and then. You can still have a scruffy type of look going on just clean it up.

3.       Hair, I know most of you guys just wake up and come to school, if you have long hair work with it some girls actually like that, buy some styling gel and give it a messy look. If you have short hair you lucky you don’t have to do anything if you get sick grow it out, or wear a hat that matches something you’re wearing, I’m not saying match your whole outfit and color coordinate it. Keeping it simple is the way to go

4.       Know your body shape and size; find clothes that fit YOUR body. Everyone is different and has different types of clothing that look good on them. First find the size you think is appropriate, the baggy look forget about it, it’s all about having your clothes FIT you. You don’t want your shirt or pants to look tight either, know your size and buy your clothes accordingly.

5.       Buy a nice watch. It’s okay for guys to have accessories as well. Buy a nice watch it doesn’t have to be $500. Just something that looks nice and goes well with your look.

Everyday doesn’t have to be a fashion show, it takes little effort to look presentable if you have the right things to work with, think twice before you buy something and always make sure YOU feel comfortable with what you are wearing!

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