Saturday, 9 June 2012

Jewelry Organization

Hey guys, this is just a quick blog on how I organize some of my jewelry that I wear on a every day basis. Since I have a lot of earrings I found it very hard for me to organize them, the more my collection grew the more un organized everything I got. So I decided to just buy little things that would make it more organized and also went online and looked at how other people would organize their collection of jewelry. I mostly looked at YouTube guru’s some of them are DulceCandy87, That’s Heart, Its Judy Time, and Jlovesmac1. And I randomly just posted one of my favourite shoes, there kind of in bad shape but they are my go to shoes when going out.
Hope you guys like the post.

"I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it."
— Alexander McQueen

this was inspired by a beauty guru on you tube its a great way to see what you have so you can actually wear everything!

im not that big of a fan of necklaces i hardly ever wear any, but i like the idea of hanging them on the wall gives your room a cool look. my collection isnt that big but if yours is go ahead and try it out!

i got this from Dollarama for $2 i put all my braclets in here

along with the picture above i place all my braclets in here awell it would bought from the sae dollarama

before i had this my earings were so unorganized, this was bought from Forever 21, im not sure if they still have them there but you can find so many things similar to something like this.

Hope you guys were some what inspired from this post,thanks


  1. Those are actually great ideas! I always forget about what jewellery I have in my jewellery box, plus they're great for decorating your room.

    And how can you walk in heels like those? I hate heels, lol.

  2. yeah its better to have everything where you can see it so you can actually wear it! I'm pretty short, and ive been wearing heels for a while so im used to it now!

  3. Yea if they dont have that at forever21 anymore, there is something similar at ikea to put ur earrings or other jewellery on it. Its called "Ikea 365+ serving platter, 3 tiers, clear glass, stainless steel" It's only $9.99 and the article number is: 401.017.33 if your interested.