Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My Wishlist!

Okay, we all want something that’s way out of our budget. It may be one thing or in my case it might be a list of things. Weather you want the latest technology, fashion, makeup, music equipment we all have that a couple of things that we have been eyeing down every time we go to the mall but just never seem to get our hands on it! For me personally every time I go into the mall I always end up with at least 3 things that I don’t need, and I just bought because I felt like buying them. But there are also other things that I want to buy but just don’t have the money for it right now. Ill start at the most expensive item and make my way to the least expensive. The 5 major things that I want to buy are a

1. These bags can range anywhere between $9000-$34,000, personally I would never want to actually buy the bag unless I really had the money for it. Or If I ever get lucky and become a trillion -re!.. Find one like this at

2. Christian Louboutin- 160 daffodile  aurora pumps, priced at $189  find them at

3. Pink Pants from Nordstrom $94.33 find different colors at

4. Sigma Makeup brushes- Essential kit $89, find more sets and different colors at
I wanna see whats your wishlist! Comment below and lets see if we have some similarities! :)

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